Today I was on the way to help my friend sort out his computer issues for work. I’ve been helping him along for a few months, and he’s been helping me. You stopped in front of me and I did not hear you because I had headphones on so I took them off. I asked you what it is you were saying. If I am correct, you said you are trying to get back to Belleville. I asked you how much is it to go back to Belleville you said $70. I open my wallet and there is a 100 and a 50 and my nice rabbit nickel that I am offering you. And you reach for them, but not my nickel. I said to you, you do not need it all and you looked at my face and realized I was correct. You had asked for $70. I gave you the entire amount you needed and enough for meal to get home. I shook your hand. I gave you a hug and I asked for your name so I could remember you. I said to you you deserve it. You flipped your head and said I don’t understand. So I clarified and said your life, you deserve your life. And you walked off. I hope you made it back to Belleville and the person that I saw is being helped along the way by somebody that could assist me to help you and see that you get help but not for drugs but for the problem that you use the drugs and I don’t know what that is yet. Please let me know. Thank you. This way I can tell my friend, he loves my stories. If everyone knows or sees Adam, please don’t crap on him for his addictions if that is what I see. If I’m wrong Adam, I’m just wrong again and I apologize for thinking you had a drug addiction. So somebody else who sees him along the way could check for me. I would not like to see us lose Adam, because I can’t help everyone. This is my viewpoint and I could be wrong 🙂