a beautiful person named Ann helps me often decide what to do when I need to eat. As I make bad choices, I decided to completely trust her decisions. It is just a sandwich shop if you like to see it that way, I don’t. I see it as place I go to talk to a friend about ideas in their core about how to change reality. She sees me and makes the decisions for that day to help put the correct items in me to get the best output. She’s helping me along, I let her make those decisions completely. I don’t judge what she picks for me. I let her decide everything. I tell her my issues and she feeds me accordingly. Along with hundreds of other people. I am not special, she treats me that way.

today I realized I needed to explain to her my viewpoint because she might project it differently. I went down after getting a beautiful soup that she choose for me because my stomach hurts. I explained what I saw of her from my viewpoint.

this is what it is that I said. I’m not religious and I do not believe in Jesus or God. I understand the idea of Jesus. Many people have explained it to me and I think I get it. I think I have never seen Jesus or God or any of that idea in front of me because I’m ignorant. I did see Ann and I did tell her that she to me is better than a perspective of God or Jesus because neither of them are here doing it for me. She is, from my viewpoint either a god or jesus or better because I don’t believe in those. I do believe in Ann because I talk to her. Thank you for seeing me.

try it!. If it fails try something else and then tell me please. I do want to improve and I need help.

to send me the ideas send it to [email protected]. and I’ll check later today to make sure that that email address is working. So if it doesn’t work I’ll make it fixed. That’s one of the things I do.