don’t waste your time apologizing when you can put the effort into doing the change that makes you not have to apologize. Focus on the thing that you apologizing for and stop doing that thing only, because you already recognize that you don’t want do it by words, or the other person is just wrong. That is also a possibility.

the absolute best way to communicate is to think of using only positive words that the other person wins also. Even if they win more it doesn’t matter because it’s just words. It is from my experience also.

imagine if your argument was, I think you the most and I found the most things that were better for you than me. If you scale this, it just grows from your imagination to reality. I’ve been doing that for people for many years and it’s always been the same. Pick a goal. Go towards it. Don’t go through everything. That is my experience that I can say don’t do. See everything along the way. Talk to everything along the way. Enjoy everything along the way because the goal doesn’t matter in the end. Go to a morgue and ask them. If they answer, leave the morgue because they are alive and bring you them with you.

Live long. You are already prosperous.