prove it is not

Read the rest, as it was interesting from my past

I don’t believe in the concept of heaven in another place but it is a wonderful idea. So why not just live it here? Anyone know what it could look like? I’ve been working and building it but, I did a s*** job. I’m voting Ann for food ideas. Please let me know who could be better. So I can make her better too by getting them connected. Because currently I’m dealing with Ann. But I am happy with and the way she is now. Looks like evolution to me.

I never went back to work Ann, at least not that one. I’ve been working on other ideas. Thank you very much for making me see how food is important to look at. And to pay attention to. More importantly, paying attention to the people that are helping you, Thank you

as I travel around, just my small area, I realize I always stayed in isolation. I found new people to create new foods that I love. It seems that everyone loves to create beautiful food. If you look around. I have started. It’s beautiful people everywhere, if you look

listening to heaven is a place on Earth, Belinda Carlisle. Heaven is from my viewpoint

Love, Greg