I do not know what other people think of Canadians. I will tell you what I think the Canadian border a few days ago. I sat in the car while my wife went and hunted down the solution to pay the taxes for these new (2016) Eggleston works speakers cabinets. We were tired, but fine to drive because we trust each other and don’t do anything that is Truly dangerous. It was difficult to navigate all of the complex rules for taxes in how to pay for it to get the best solution for what we were looking for. We didn’t know what the question was, until they asked. (Context, It is -5c) In front of me stood this large man in a short sleeve shirt with his hands holding the armor. He wasn’t cold, I could see in his face. He was looking at the speaker cabinets that were in the trailer behind me. He was scanning closely, trying to figure out what funny business we were trying to do. He was looking for a failure in trust. He was a hawk, he was a predator, WoW, I felt it, like a BS sniffer scan. Like I saw others do to the young people next to us. I’m glad we did not lie. I wonder how accurate he is along with others. How do you test that. Is it an ESP thing? If you did not see that you missed it completely. Wow! I am glad I am Canadian. I saw another person with a fur hat on that was amazing. So beautiful. So beautiful to wear such a gorgeous animal that would love to keep you warm. I could see it in front of me. If other people saw nothing else, they should see that you are so humane keep it alive in the cold. It looked that way to me on your head. To protect the person like you is important to me.

thank you for helping us to get to the final destination and pay the taxes that I think I’m due to pay to help others make everything like this work perfectly. Thank you

Love, Greg