I have the pleasure of trading the Savoy SE from Chris Boldt. Serial number 1183 and 1184, thank you very much. you put them in a person’s hand that deserves them , Eggleston works. You saw Chris as worthy. I hope I am too

I am just noticing with this song the less I know the better, by tame impale. Did you make the speakers so you must stand to hear it perfect! If I sit in this portable chair it sounds bad or something in my head doesn’t like that. I stand up and dance around and it sounds like heaven to me.

I haven’t switched the amp and it is a basic cable and nothing special yet. Going to work on that soon

at the border we had to define your product. Maria chose speaker cabinet. I stand in front of it and it is a beautiful cabinet holding beautiful speakers. Drivers. Conveyors, Transformers to audio to waves for me. Greg listening to Depeche mode, ghosts again

thank you Jack Palermo for introducing me to these great people. Listening to instant crush daft Punk Julian Casablanca

listening to Sugar by Robin Schultz featuring Francisco Yates. If you stand, about 2 m away it sounds like you’re on top of the concert, I am 188 cm tall. It is funny, I have the DSP set with a 100 Hertz. Hard cut, at 24 DB and it still sounds amazing. I can’t get my notebook to configure it so I’ll probably leave it till I come back. It sounds perfect, so I’m not a in a rush.

do the Ivy’s sound like you are at the concert not above the concert?

now listening to super freak by Rick James

I listened to Elvis with my mother and it was amazing. She loved it , she was dancing around like a kid. Thank you for that

so far only one song that doesn’t sound correct. Layla, by Derek and the dominoes. That’s the only song so far. I’ll see if I can figure out what the problem is with this one, then they are perfect.

Eggleston Works, that let the voices of the angels pass through!

One song, to perfection

listening to what’s on your mind (pure energy) by information society

laying down thinking. my daughters initials are MEW, REW, HEW. these are speakers are branded on the front EW. What a nice coincidence. A nice trifecta with a root. Everything connects, everything has a purpose. I will check with them to find what they have for an option, they are more evolved than me, I can see already,,💕

Depeche mode, personal Jesus 176.4 kilohertz 24 bit Bliss., Let’s do that again, little louder. Amazing! You just have to try this.

listening to Eric Clapton. Wonderful, tonight I have to get this tissue solution solved. My nose is going to be raw. Whose fault is that? Thank you for lifting the burden of desiring anything better.

Love, Greg