thank you very much for making the control system for my hot tub much smarter than the old one. I replaced it and got support and it works beautiful. Rebuilding my hot tub when the snow goes down.

I was thinking I love to do control systems and to make things autonomous. I like them to be working in the condition that you would expect at the most efficient state. I use the hot tub now more often and I was thinking of looking at what controls are needed to keep the water in a safe condition and automatically offsetting. I do know there are control systems that do this. It is the input of what you’re looking at that is the most important so that you change the least.

sure, I’ll be working on this. In the future. If I can get anything together for you I’ll put it here and you can have it.

I’m going to try spa marvel again. I really like that. I used to call it Jenny (Gump voice) as in generator. ordered.

Maria just got up, we’re going to go in the hot tub as I spent the last three and a half hours exercising and she has Charlie horses. 😍😊💯🎇🕊️

Love, Greg