I woke up this morning at 04:00 hours, with the vision of the speakers being disassembled so I could see how they look inside. Not to listen to them. No in my mind I’ve disassembled both of them. I don’t know why I would do that in the real world, I’d take apart one and listen to the other. I guess that’s why I don’t pay attention to my dreams.

I’m so excited. I woke up my wife. To talk about this to explain how excited I am. She then explained that she will call Penske so that we can get the truck. I feel like a jerk. Like a little kid with such burning desire to see something new.

thank you Jack for letting me listen to the Andres

listening to, something about you, level 42. Tell me Google isn’t doing this to me, next song I’m coming out. Diana Ross

as it’s 4:30 a.m. I’m listening to this Audeze Maxwell’s. Full volume. Maria said not loud, so headphones, win, win. Need to fix the headband problem though. I want to go for a run and it’s going to slip around

I’m excited for all of the concerts that I’m going to be able to go to in my own house

I have a lot of faith in my little Russian amplifier. It seems to drive just about anything to a volume I can live with. Maria mentioned about putting the eggleston works in the home theater. I can hook them up to the anthem P5. Not some monster like my Lab Gruppen that will tear these speakers apart, FP10000Q, 15w Russian tube amp with AVVT 302Bs. Russian amp, I think. Do I need the DSP? Why not try everything with Maria to check!

It is amazing, to have such a god living with you like Maria. She looks at the 128kg/275 lb and thanks! We’ll just put them downstairs. And if we don’t like them, we’ll move them back up. She had the best story of picking up these Mach, EV and Yorkville speakers. She with my youngest daughter made two big men embarrassed 😭. The same daughter beat me three to one in arm wrestling, as a little child split a rock because she was questioned if she could. 🪓 me if I love my life.

thank you, Chris for selling me these heavenly speakers, eggleston works

in Springfield Missouri now, almost there.

I got up at 4:00 a.m. for the last 3 days. If you said I was excited. You would be wrong. Exciting! Is nowhere near this high. I would say it feels like heaven

I found a person manifested as Joy, having spend time with her I can truly say it she is.

To experience a Joy filled heaven visit Samui Hills hotel and experience Nirvana.

Repeat till success!

Love, Greg