thank you, I sit here in Springfield, Missouri in a courtyard. Marriott , thank you for creating such a beautiful environment for Greg. I do now understand why it is God’s country. All of the angels. In the bathroom, the toilet paper is called angel soft. Above it, there’s a picture with drops of water on the edge of a leaf. 🌿 Thank you

this is the second courtyard Marriott that I have been in since my trip to Texas to find the best of the best! Thank you for participating in that.

First night of our journey ended in Toledo, Ohio at courtyard Marriott

Thank you Geff for being welcoming, caring and put us in a bed better than mine.

Thank you Lulu for being truthful to me.

Thank you Katy for putting us in a bed like Geff with a jacuzzi, as Maria had mentioned being exhausted in the long drives. Thank you for recognizing us.

thank you Madison for explaining why Marriott is so amazing to me. You explained it perfectly when said that you don’t solve problems by the detail, You solve it by the goal. If the detail doesn’t work, try another, focus on the goal and it will happen. It defines Marriott completely

Thank you Marriott for putting these people in front of Greg and Maria. I would imagine other people would like to be able to wake up in the morning, Feeling better than the day before. You did that for us. Thank you

Love, Greg