thank you for creating the amazing ecosystem. I have sold and love your DS1821+. I have set it up for some large businesses to backup the Google and Microsoft workspaces at no extra. I really like your mindset of providing all of the things in complete environment. I like the way if you keep the security at the maximum of the time Possible. Anytime I have seen a failure, you fix it right away. Your support for me, that I have used a few times, was more than impressive. You sent me right to the solution. Thank you

I love the guys that, please make sure they’re looked after, don’t mess with them. I really like them, the two guys that put that stuff together. They think a lot, a lot. They put really good stuff together for me, Greg. Thank you guys

I love being on the beta versions of your software because it doesn’t have any failure for me yet. I keep it backup just in case

Love, Greg