Idea for a Joke

The pivot point of this is weiner.

I am not positive but I understand that we use cows, the female, for milking. We eat the males for food. If I understand it correctly. We rarely eat the females because they get old and don’t taste good. What is a wiener made out of?

So what is it when you have a bunch of guys with a bunch of wieners in their hands? Eating wieners. Please tell me they are not dicks.

I know Major Dick Van Dyke is the only person that I could say that when I look back in time, always stood up for Dick. So it is not a dick. what a Dick. I have aspired dance like you for decades. I would like to be Dick also. I am working on it and getting pretty good. I’ll soon put up a video so you can compare and give me advice, or not as I can tell you are extremely busy person. I have learned it takes all of the 24-hour day to live from watching you. thank you Major.

Please tell me a weiner is not a penis. Please somebody tell me that’s true. Please tell me every time I said I love wieners it wasn’t this idea.

It is a funny premise I think. Even funnier if it’s true, I do like wieners and I will not lie. Even my own.

please send help from the wieners sleuth.

with love, Greg